Mosaic Ministries is a congregation  made up of many parts: Mosaic Church, Mosaic Preschool, Mosaic Mentoring, and Mosaic Multitudes.  These ministries represent our core values of worship (Mosaic Church), children and families (Mosaic Preschool), youth (Mosaic Mentoring, and feeding and outreach (Mosaic Multitudes).

Mosaic Church Vision

Many cultures, one community.  Mosaic exists to create, equip and unleash a diverse gathering of people living in the image of Christ for the purpose of transforming our Community through the overwhelming love of God. Come worship Jesus with us in our mosaic community.


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Mosaic Core Values

“God loves people.” We value people.
"God’s Word is Life-Changing” We value the application of Scripture. 
"Real Christ-Followers Grow” We value growth.
 “Emphasizing our Similarities, not our Differences, Unites Us” We value unity and diversity.
“God’s Best deserves Our Best” We value excellence.
“Ministry is a Team Activity”   We value service.
“Changing Methods with an Unchanging Message” We value creativity and innovation.
“Growing Larger and Smaller at the Same Time” We value small groups.

 “Worshipping locally and serving globally” We value Connectionalism